We started the innovative "Navigator Cloud" project, which aims to develop a cloud platform that connects IoT smart devices.

The project is funded by Navigator Software and the Ministry of Communications and Information Society.

How to choose an ERP solution?

It has been shown many times that the difference is not necessarily caused by the technical feature instead it’s more influenced by the team that designed and implement the system. ERP provider must become a partner, helping the company in the growth process. The criteria for selecting a provider are the following:

• Market position

• Relevant experience in the industry in which the applicant operates

• Implementation professionalism

• Implementation time

• Maintenance and support services

• Proposed costs

• Successfully finished projects

• Availability for initial process changes

• Data processing capacity of various existing forms

From our partners received SOLUTIONS

Simple things are functional, or resistance to change appears.

ExpectationsResolving R.N.
Completeness modules Completeness modules R.N. are found on a single platform, integrated.
Integrated Completeness modules R.N. are found on a single platform, integrated. 
Access Remote PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone - guaranteed internet connection
Fast and safe Optimized and isolated large database
Update the program Up to date with new specific processes and legislative changes.
Customizable Customization screen, menu, right, user reports.



Services represent the tertiary sector of the economy and can be defined as putting in use personal competences for the benefit of others (Lusch, 2006), that is offering services in exchange for material value.Show more

The quality of services is closely related to customer and how that service requires a higher degree of perfection of the provider or a higher level of customization, the process of providing that service depends on the client, whether the client has to provide manpower, information or property rights (Sampson and Froehle, 2006) 2. In this way the service system (Tien and Berger, 2003) consists of contributions from providers and recipients of those services.



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