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with Resource Navigator

new technology, 100% customizable

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with Power BI

A global leader in technology B.I. and Controlling, 100% customizable

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This platform was developed through the project "Dezvoltarea sistemului inovativ IoT "Navigator Cloud" pentru o economie moderna", co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund’s Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014-2020 Competitivi impreuna.

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ERP with Resource Navigator

New technology, 100% customizable.

Controlling Power BI

A global leader in B.I. and Controlling technology, 100% customizable.

About us

Foundation of the company in Tirgu Mures by two young entrepreneurs. It began with design and development in the field of hospitality management systems doing the first implementations.

Creating customized solutions for the Retail gas stations. Over 150 implementations, 2 employees, turnover of € 145,000.

Constructing and providing the office with company equipment (showroom, design and publishing software platform, conference center, training human resources) with an estimated investment of 600,000€, co-financed by the E.U. Over 250 customers, seven employees, seven new territorial partners, turnover of € 260,000.

Startup of developing ERP Resource Navigator, participation in exhibitions and fairs at Romhotel , GastroPan, CeBit. Over 300 customers, 12 employees, turnover of € 230,000.

First Resource Navigator ERP implementation in the bakery industry, starting internal program expansion. Clients from new industries, new partner for Cluj area, 13 employees, turnover of 470,000 euros.

Expanding the ERP team consultants, organizing internal procedures, penetrating new markets, such as forestry, construction, manufacturing customized solutions, 18 employees, turnover of 450,000€.

Making Microstrategy Partnership deal, a global leader in BI solutions, continuous development of the team, we successfully completed ERP projects.

Focus on markerting and PR, new partnerships.


Launch of Resource Navigator 2016 version; preparing Navigator Cloud IoT project; strengthening the team of consultants and programmers; Resouce Navigator solution will be tested internationally.

We were able to release Resource Navigator 2017 version with many new peripherals; we started the IoT Navigator Cloud project funded by European funds; we have exceeded the threshold of 400 active projects.

We upgrade the Resource Navigator platform to be able to work with IoT equipments; we develop the Navigator Cloud platform and start the business development activities within this project; we want to found the ERP School.

Our biggest challenge is the successful continuation of our IOT (Internet of things) project that we launched almost a year ago. It is aimed at creating an information system in which intelligent “gadgets” provide information: the user receives personalized, evaluated data that is useful, unobtrusive, and affordable.

I am convinced that quality and professionalism is essential in the creation of the product, but the service provided next to these products have even a higher importance. It is not enough to conceive a good product, high quality service along the product guaranties success.

"Think with us, be stronger..." contains our goal to have many partners who can accept collective thinking and the help of others in what regards business. We think that a software is just a tool which can easily solve the daily tasks of a company. We run a company that is based on our mission, which is helping other companies and organizations to be more competitive, to have a higher performance and to synchronize their operations. In order to fulfill this mission, we assume responsibility and we make decisions based an are core values..




Optimization of forest activities,currently stock situations, monitoring heritage, integrated accounting.

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Supply purchasing, inventory at the moment, sales automation, customer loyalty and controlling peripheral integration.

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POS restaurant, reservations, kitchen monitoring, mobile equipment, specialized software hospitality accounts.

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Qualitative and quantitative monitoring. Tracking Logistics Services, calculate the profitability of the project.

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Integration of specific activities, optimize resources, control costs, optimize production capacity.

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