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Hospitality is a multifaceted industry, which embraces dining, accommodation, relaxation and other branches which ensure entertainment. The units of this segment are characterized by dynamism, plenty of users and work which is done in more workplaces, which all need to be looked after with care, in order to achieve an efficient and integrated daily function. 


  Slow client service

  Difficulty in providing supplies

  Control of production costs

  Lack of loyalty program

  Evidence manage delayed

  Tracking staff performance

  Lack of daily updated information for managers 


How to choose an ERP solution?

It has been shown many times that the difference is not necessarily caused by the technical feature instead it’s more influenced by the team that designed and implement the system. ERP provider must become a partner, helping the company in the growth process. The criteria for selecting a provider are the following:

• Market position

• Relevant experience in the industry in which the applicant operates

• Implementation professionalism

• Implementation time

• Maintenance and support services

• Proposed costs

• Successfully finished projects

• Availability for initial process changes

• Data processing capacity of various existing forms

From our partners received SOLUTIONS

Simple things are functional, or resistance to change appears.

Expectations Resolving R.N.
Completeness modules Completeness modules R.N. are found on a single platform, integrated.
Integrated Completeness modules R.N. are found on a single platform, integrated. 
Access Remote PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone - guaranteed internet connection
Fast and safe Optimized and isolated large database
Update the program Up to date with new specific processes and legislative changes.
Customizable Customization screen, menu, right, user reports.


Client's feedbacks

• Handling stockpiling

The items purchased in the HoReCa sector require a strict record. With our stock management module, we have achieved traceability and optimal administration.

• Automation of front office

With POS and kitchen monitoring system we managed to automate the sales, introduced loyalty campaigns and periodic settlements for self service as well.

• Hotel booking

The “Booking” module’s function keeps track of reservations, billing, accounts, handling tourist groups and specific managerial analysis.


“Through the softwares of Navigator Software we can operate all our activities, receiving holistic information flow from the acceptance of the merchandise to its sale. With the help of the booking module, we can handle all the bookings of the pension at once, with fast access to all our clients’ data.”Show more

“We have a long-term cooperation with the Basa Inn. The registration system has developed continuously after the flare of their activities. We started with classical software, which ran on a touchscreen POS computer. Later we integrated our solution to tablets, so the registry of the orders happens with the help of a tablet.


Basa Inn is the place where tradition meets modern solutions. This project shows how a greatly chosen and operational system can help growth and development.


It is also important that you have a trustworthy partner by your side, which can get you the latest technological solutions and offers you support services 24/7.”Show more

Csatlos Timea - director executiv


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