We started the innovative "Navigator Cloud" project, which aims to develop a cloud platform that connects IoT smart devices.

The project is funded by Navigator Software and the Ministry of Communications and Information Society.

From our partners received SOLUTIONS

Simple things are functional, or resistance to change appears.

ExpectationsResolving R.N.

Completeness modules R.N. are found on a single platform, integrated.

Access Remote PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone - guaranteed internet connection.
Fast and safe Optimized and isolated large database.
Update the program Update the program to date with new specific processes and legislative changes.
Customizable Customization screen, menu, right, user reports.
Integrare echipamente mobile Solutii pe echipamente mobile pentru despuiere, avizare material lemos.
Rapoarte predefinite Rapoarte predefinite pentru foruri de specialitate superioare.



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