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Production, regardless of industry is the most palpable, tangible business process of the company. For this reason the management of the production department expects high efficiency and minimizing losses. Thorough knowledge of the technological process and making available the necessary resources itself doesn’t guarantee obtaining the best results.

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Both management and the people involved in the production process need a tool to provide information and support while control over the entire process, a tool that facilitates optimal resource flow. Over bureaucratization with listing during a production process leads to ineefective management of resources.

Navigator Software provides the latest technology solutions for a real-time tracking of these stages. The exchange of information between human and technological resources is provided through a personalized touch screen interface, the system is able to adapt to any production model, regardless of technology or industry.

Through our system we facilitate planning by measuring and tracing the various stages of production, identification and resource allocation at the product level, platform for analyzing the performance of production.


 Production planning lacking or difficult to realize.

  Ineffective communication between departments.

erp Delayed accountancy.

erp  Lack of reliable data on unused capacity.

erp Control of production costs.

Resource Navigator Tracking human resource performance.

erp Navigator Software Market pressure to bring out cheaper products at high quality 


From our partners received SOLUTIONS

Simple things are functional, or resistance to change appears.

Expectations resolving R.N.Completeness modules R.N.
Completeness modules are found on a single platform, integrated.
Access Remote PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone - guaranteed internet connection.
Fast and safe Optimized and isolated large database.
Update program Update the program to date with new specific processes and legislative changes.
Customizable Customization screen, menu, right, user reports.


How to choose an ERP solution?

It has been shown many times that the difference is not necessarily caused by the technical feature instead it’s more influenced by the team that designed and implement the system. ERP provider must become a partner, helping the company in the growth process.The criteria for selecting a provider are the following:

• Market position

•Relevant experience in the industry in which the applicant operates

•Implementation professionalism

•Implementation time

• Maintenance and support services

• Proposed costs

• Successfully finished projects

• Availability for initial process changes

• Data processing capacity of various existing forms

Client's feedbacks

eldi pekseg patiserie brutarie 

ELDI – Bread and pastries factory, distribution, stores

"We started working with Navigator Software in 2011 when we implemented a sales module at a store in Targu Mures.Show more

In 2012 we began implementing an integrated system composed of several modules, from modules to 50 stores and sales agents to module production, accounting, analysis, etc. We chose to work with Navigator Software as the software solution is provided by the company is their own production, so customizing it to meet our needs is easier and faster. Also it convinced us with over 6 years experience with management systems . Their consultants are trained and give proof of seriousness and devotion.

Razvan Moldovan -Financial & IT Manager

“Being aware of the fact that ELDI LTD is a very complex one, Navigator Software managed to adjust the implemented software to our needs. Show more

Another thing that I'm happy is promptness in solving problems, both in terms of back office system, and at the stores. The benefits that Resource Navigator ERP offers for implementation are: - a better control over the company's activity and the opportunity to do extensive analysis regarding stocks, selling, situations involving partners (both customers and suppliers), consumption of materials raw materials, production reports. -Knowing the fact that we receive a high volume of orders from our partners, the software has been very beneficial with the implementation of PDA Navigator module, with which our agents can enter the orders in the commands palm and than synchronizing to the server. - Also it is very helpful to have a customized module for our own stores called Market Navigator. With Sync Navigator all data that is entered in the stores via touch are synced to the server (money, sales, receptions merchandise, orders etc). - Advantage of an integrated system easy to access to any information at any time. “

Fanel Milasan - Controller

SZELMOB - Furniture Production

"Resource Navigator computer program developed by Navigator Software is a modern integrated system with which all the production process can be managed staring from production to putting the product on the market.Show more

It is a set of tools that contains all modules necessary for the efficient operation of the enterprise. In today's market economy, only those companies can be competitive, which can efficiently react to changes, make quick decisions, adapting flexibly to market needs and have access to accurate and reliable information when making a decision. For this reason, every company needs a software package that provides transparency in all activities, standardization of processes, accurate and accessible data for control and increase efficiency. We chose Resource Navigator to achieve the above requirements. We consider we made ​​the right decision. The team who coordinated the implementation, responded effectively and flexibly to all our requirements, managing our production processes, trade and logistics with custom modules. The company staff was available during the implementation, reacted efficiently to our requests or problems reported by responding directly from the system. I can say that we have achieved a successful project, but which cannot be considered finished, because along with the continued development of the company, we are looking to develop a computer system. The Navigator Software team ensures all the necessary support and hope that both companies mutually develop this project."

Ban Gagyi Rudolf - Director Executiv

Alice- Laboratory, pastry , confectionery, ice cream, trade through stores

"Navigator Software "Navigator Software is a reliable partner that meets our requests offering optimal solutions that allow us to work quickly and efficiently. “

Alice Pascariu- Administrator

"Together with Navigator Software we were managed to implement and develop an internal system that includes our entire business: selling, taking orders, production, recording materials, management and accounting.”Show more

Florina Voinea- Sef serviciu Financiar Contabilitate


Optimization of forest activities,currently stock situations, monitoring heritage, integrated accounting.

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Supply purchasing, inventory at the moment, sales automation, customer loyalty and controlling peripheral integration.

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POS restaurant, reservations, kitchen monitoring, mobile equipment, specialized software hospitality accounts.

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Qualitative and quantitative monitoring. Tracking Logistics Services, calculate the profitability of the project.

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Integration of specific activities, optimize resources, control costs, optimize production capacity.

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