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Forest is one of the most important heritages of Romania. According to the National Statistics Institute, the forest area in Romania at the end of 2013 was nearly 6.54 million acres. Managing this amount involves having a professional staff working with the latest technology tools.Show more

Almost all areas of business management methods have changed greatly in recent years; management of forests is no exception. With our solutions you can control all data on assets, profitability, logistics, reporting, and other specific activities. .



Evidence manage delayed.

 Ineffective communication between departments.

Contract management of services and billing automation.

 Lack of availability of information

Transparency data to forest owners.

 Tracking human resource performance.

 Bureaucracy specific activities (tenders, approval, authorization). 


How to choose an ERP solution?

It has been shown many times that the difference is not necessarily caused by the technical feature instead it’s more influenced by the team that designed and implement the system. ERP provider must become a partner, helping the company in the growth process. The criteria for selecting a provider are the following:

• market position

• relevant experience in the industry in which the applicant operates

• implementation professionalism

• implementation time

• maintenance and support services

• proposed costs

• successfully finished projects

• availability for initial process changes

• data processing capacity of various existing forms

From our partners received SOLUTIONS

Simple things are functional, or resistance to change appears.

ExpectationsResolving R.N.

Completeness modules R.N. are found on a single platform, integrated.

Access Remote PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone - guaranteed internet connection.
Fast and safe Optimized and isolated large database.
Update the program Update the program to date with new specific processes and legislative changes.
Customizable Customization screen, menu, right, user reports.
Integrare echipamente mobile Solutii pe echipamente mobile pentru despuiere, avizare material lemos.
Rapoarte predefinite Rapoarte predefinite pentru foruri de specialitate superioare.


Clients' feedback


O.S.R. Gheorgheni - Private forestry

"The simplicity of the interface and flexibility of the system to all our demands, together with the availability and professionalism of the Navigator Software, Show more

we managed to make increase our efficiency. Increasing the efficiency of the district activities and making each level more transparent were appreciated by our owners as well.“

Melles Elod - Head of department


Optimization of forest activities,currently stock situations, monitoring heritage, integrated accounting.

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Supply purchasing, inventory at the moment, sales automation, customer loyalty and controlling peripheral integration.

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POS restaurant, reservations, kitchen monitoring, mobile equipment, specialized software hospitality accounts.

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Qualitative and quantitative monitoring. Tracking Logistics Services, calculate the profitability of the project.

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Integration of specific activities, optimize resources, control costs, optimize production capacity.

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